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I'm back!

Hurray! I'm back on Livejournal. The last iconpost was in may 2007! But I;m back and making icons right now... and they're coming!!!

Till later

and I'm back

Yay! Back from holiday! Portugal was lovely and Lisbon is a brilliant city! Pictures coming and I will make some icons form these photographs! Took me a while to post here again, because of some computer problems, but I'm back!


Bye bye, I'm gonna enjoy 12 days of vacation in Cascais, Portugal! See ya!!!


May. 10th, 2007

[10] Zwartboek / Black Book (movie)
[08] Brigadoon (movie)
[07] On The Town (movie)
[05] Summer Stock (movie)
[08] Gene Kelly
[20] Christina Aguilera's Candyman (videoclip)
[16] 50s illustration
[05] 50s stock

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My boss rulez!

Oh my god, I need to share this with everyone.
I work for a travelagency in the Netherlands and we had an offer for everyone who would book a trip over 3000 euros. In which case they would get an iPod shuffle in any of the 5 different colours. So, today was the last day of this offer and my boss came to pick up the iPods that were left. We had two colors left, pink and green. He asked me which one I liked more, so I said, the green one. And he just hands it over.

He gave me an iPod, worth 80 dollars

That's so brilliant. I think I need to buy one of those mugs with: 'I love my Boss'

Mar. 26th, 2007

[05] Jodie Foster
[05] Kate Beckinsale
[05] Nicole Kidman
[12] Illustrations by Nostalgia (Fairytales)
[50] Random Illustrations (Fashion, Woman, Girly, Beauty, Magic)
[19] Stock (Children, Fairies, Magic)

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Disney x 100

Disney 100 - Disneyland Paris
Theme: Disneyland Paris
Icon Count: 033/100
Started: 10 March 2007
Finished: ...
Maker: eftelding
Community: disney100

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I won the first place at textless_awards

Hurray :D
[06] Disney's Aladdin
[33] Milkyway and the Galaxy Girls
[06] London
[09] Stock (fantasy, love, friends, shoes)
[37] Illustration (fashion, vacation, holidays, shopping, glamour, friends)

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